Have a say in the solution…

As a mediator, I help people have difficult conversations in order to move from being stuck to being open to options for moving forward. Mediation is an effective and low cost way to achieve a result that works for all involved.

I utilize a specific style of mediation which recognizes the common human emotions and tendencies when we are in conflict, and helps move out of the destructive cycle of conflict. It is a very effective means to either come to a resolution, or gain information about the problem or potential solutions, even when one or more participants believes no progress will be made.

“Anna has a natural ability to assist people in putting their differences aside and come to mutual agreements. She is always professional and courteous to all parties and treats every issue as important. The parties come out of mediation feeling like they won instead of having to compromise.” – Attorney Rebecca G.

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I provide Mediation in the Twin Cities, MN and surrounding area, including Ramsey, Hennepin, Washington, Dakota, and Anoka County, St. Paul, Minneapolis, and more – and can travel to a location that is convenient for you.

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