“My mission is to create peaceful, collaborative resolutions by compassionately guiding my clients through major life events. Offering expertise in alternatives to traditional litigation, I empower people with knowledge and confidence to make educated decisions and move forward.”

Hagstrom Law & Mediation is a trusted provider of collaborative and traditional divorce services in the Twin Cities, helping clients to a peaceful, lasting, and cost efficient resolution that is best for themselves and their children. Clients choose Anna for her expertise, compassion, and personalized service.

Anna focuses on truly listening to her clients’ goals, concerns, fears, and what is important to them, honoring that they are the expert on their life. Her estate planning practice focuses on educating clients about their financial future and providing piece of mind.

She provides services in the complementing areas of Family Law (with a focus on collaborative resolutions), Estate Planning, and Conflict Resolution.

My role as both attorney and counselor guides my practice. I will use my skills and knowledge to help you define your goals, understand your options, and help you move forward. I focus on each client as an individual, tailoring my representation to meet your needs. I will help you be in a better place after my representation, with tools for continued success in the future.