Case Studies

Below are some examples of the variety of cases that I have handled. This is not an exhaustive list, please feel free to contact me if you would like more information on my experience in any particular area.

Family: Collaborative and Traditional

Dissolution – Ramsey County
Obtained dissolution quickly on behalf of client who was facing immigration issues.

Dissolution – Ramsey County
Represented father in a divorce with a young child, my client had been the primary caretaker and maintained a stable home for the child, obtained favorable settlement of greater than 50% parenting time with the child for my client.

Paternity, Custody – Sherburne County
Succeeded in obtaining settlement in favor of young mother, including provisions that she desired with respect to who may care for child, where the child would attend day care and school, and also obtained a permanent child support order (including requiring the father to maintain health insurance for the child).

Dissolution – Wright County
Obtained dissolution with permanent maintenance for two children with special needs (Autism), and temporary spousal maintenance for their mother as long as the children need her full time care, as well as child support.

Order for Protection – Hennepin County
Obtained same day emergency order for protection on behalf of my client and her four children, and helped her utilize additional emergency services.

Custody – Hennepin County
Obtained sole physical custody for my client, as well as a permanent child support order, and back child support.

Motion for Contempt, Motion to Correct Order – Hennepin County
Succeeded in obtaining dismissal of opposing party’s motion for contempt, and also succeeded on a motion to correct a previous court order pursuant to Minnesota Rule of Civil Procedure 60.02 (when previous order erroneously stated that the parties had joint legal custody, should have stated that my client had sole legal custody).

Order for Protection, Dissolution – Scott County
Obtained Order for Protection and served the opposing party with petition for dissolution in the evening, after first meeting with my client that morning. Client just learned that husband had been involved in high profile theft by swindle case in the Twin Cities, was afraid that he might harm her or the kids, or alternatively might flee with the kids.

Defense against De Facto Custodian and Interested Third Party Petition – Washington County
Successfully defended against de facto custodian and interested party petition brought by my client’s ex-husband’s parents. Obtained denial of the motion to be declared de facto custodians and interested third parties, and obtained sole physical custody for my client.

Harassment Restraining Order and Custody Modification – Carver County
Represented woman whose former spouse’s new girlfriend brought a Harassment Restraining Order (HRO) against my client.  Successfully negotiated a dismissal of the HRO, settlement of custody issues and increased the quality of communication between the parties.

International Child Abduction – Australia
Part of team of attorneys who successfully obtained return of child to father in Minnesota from Mother in Australia who wrongfully retained child, amounting to international child abduction under the Hague Convention on International Child Abduction.

Estate Planning

Estate Plan for Young Family – Hennepin County
Will including Trust, Guardianship provisions. Discussed the needs of a young family and drafted specific trust provisions to address concerns about children receiving large sums of money at one time. Also included guardianship provisions such as requirements to visit other familiy members and the desire that children be raised in a two parent household.

Estate Plan for International Citizen – Hennepin County
Drafted will and trust for couple in which one spouse is a citizen of another country, including complex trust provisions to reduce estate tax and maintain assets for spouse and child.

Estate Plan with Disclaimer Tax Planning – Hennepin County
Drafted Will including disclaimer trust for family who wanted flexibility in future for potential estate tax savings. Also included trust provisions for minor children.

Estate Plan with Charitable Giving and Specific Gifts – Ramsey County
Drafted Will including specific gifts to multiple charitable organizations, as well as specific gifts of personal property to family members, with instructions and personal messages to those individuals.


Contract for Deed – Hennepin County
Successfully obtained cancellation of contract for deed on behalf of my client.

Whistleblower, Punitive Damages – Hennepin County
Lead attorney on successful motion to allege punitive damages in whistleblower suit.

Breach of Contract – Western District of Wisconsin
Part of a team of attorneys that obtained settlement in favor of our client, the defendant, following successful counterclaims. Lead attorney on expert report, motions in limine.

Breach of Contract – Hennepin County
Obtained settlement on behalf of my client for breach of contract due to defective construction work performed on her home.

Breach of Contract – Hennepin County
Obtained judgment on behalf of my client after opposing party refused to make payments as required under contract.