I am excited to be presenting a CLE (Continuing Legal Education) class for the New Lawyers Section of the Minnesota State Bar Association on May 10th, entitled “Keeping It Real: Transformative Mediation Offers A New Way to Help Clients in Conflict”!

I am co-presenting with Dan Simon, a leader in the field.  We will explain the transformative theory of conflict that forms the basis for the model of mediation, share insights on the unique benefits that the transformative model offers, and provide an overview of the mediation options available to attorneys.

I am particularly looking forward to sharing tips for using the theory of transformative mediation to effectively represent clients during any type of mediation.  The transformative theory of conflict teaches us that it is not only OK, but in fact helpful to allow clients to “Keep It Real” during mediation:  as attorneys we can provide a way for clients to regain control, address their “intangible” concerns which are often ignored, have the conversations that they really want to have, and more!